UniDivergence Indicator Package for TradingView

UniDivergence is a toolkit for strategy development including backtesting and walk forward analysis to create your personal signal service based on your strategy.
Strategies based on UniDivergence assume that if some kind of divergence occurs, the probability of the reversal of an existing trend is high.
Parameters you can configure are:
  • type of divergence (price vs. momentum, price vs. RSI or price vs CCI)
  • number of candles that need to diverge, direction of a trade (e.g. trade only into the direction of a pivot-point),
  • smoothing
  • stop-loss/ profit target, or don't use stop-losses at all
The UniDivergence package contains two parts:
  • The UniDivergence Strategy: This is a PineScript strategy that can be used for backtesting, walk forward analysis and parameter optimization.
  • The UniDivergence Study: A TradingView indicator that implements the same algorithms as the UniDivergence strategy but is able to create alerts with buy-/sell-signals.


Here is a short (approx. 10 minutes) video I recently made to show some of the features of the toolkit:



This one-time payment gives you lifetime-access to the package - including updates, enhancements and bugfixes.

For payment via Bitcoin, please contact me at stefan@tradingclue.com



The UniDivergence Handbook
Detailed description on how to develop a successful trading strategy with the UniDivergence strategy/ study.
UniDivergence Handbook.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 641.5 KB