CryptoArbitrage Indicator Package for TradingView

Reliable Alerts on Arbitrage Opportunities. Introductory Price for my new Indicator Package!

Did you ever wanted a reliable indicator to spot Arbitrage or diverging Price Movements?
Explore and leverage those Divergences, Arbitrage and Market Dysfunctionalities to make high Profits.
Get Email-Alerts with your customized buy and sell signals.
  • Identify Diverging Price Movements - High Profit Opportunity!, Sometimes the Price of a CryptoCoin moves in different Directions on different Exchanges. Often the Price on one Exchange follows the Price on another Exchange - but with a Lag. Explore those Divergences and Lags to make a Hypothesis!
  • Backtesting - Proof your Hypothesis with Backtests and historical Data.
  • Identify Arbitrage Breakouts - There is always an Arbitrage between Exchanges but sometimes there is a sudden Increase of that Arbitrage. Make Profit with sudden increased Arbitrage or make a Hypothesis on how the Price reacts after such an event.
  • Alert Conditions - Just set up your alerts and then there is no need to wait in front of your computer. Never miss a profitable Trading Opportunity.
Buy the package now to benefit from the introductory price!


Don't forget to mention you TradingView-username with your order, so I can grant access to you!

The price is a one-time-payment - no subscription needed, no hidden-fees.

For payment via Bitcoin, please contact me at

There are combinations of financial instruments and Exchanges that might not work with the package.