Crypto Arbitrage

Reliable Alerts on Arbitrage Opportunities. Introductory Price for my new Indicator Package!

Did you ever want a reliable indicator to spot Arbitrage or diverging Price Movements?
Explore and leverage those Divergences, Arbitrage and Market Dysfunctionalities to make high Profits.
Get Email-Alerts with your customized buy and sell signals, or use autoview to trigger and exit the trades.
  • Identify Diverging Price Movements - High Profit Opportunity!, Sometimes the Price of a CryptoCoin moves in different Directions on different Exchanges. Often the Price on one Exchange follows the Price on another Exchange - but with a Lag. Explore those Divergences and Lags to make a Hypothesis!
  • Backtesting - Proof your Hypothesis with Backtests and historical Data.
  • Identify Arbitrage Breakouts - There is always an Arbitrage between Exchanges but sometimes there is a sudden Increase of that Arbitrage. Make Profit with sudden increased Arbitrage or make a Hypothesis on how the Price reacts after such an event.
  • Alert Conditions - Just set up your alerts and then there is no need to wait in front of your computer. Never miss a profitable Trading Opportunity.
  • Create your personal Crypto-Trading-Bot with autoview and the Crypto Arbitrage Study

What's included:


In this is an example, we compare ZECUSD on Kraken with ZECUSD on Bitfinex on a 5 minute  Chart.

The Strategy is configured to fire a buy signal if ZECUSD is rising for three candles in a row on Bitfinex, while the price is falling on Kraken.

Here we see the CryptoArbitrage Study in action - again on the ZECUSD 5 Minute chart.

The Oscillator Window shows the CryptoArbitrageBreakout Study. It indicates situations where Arbitrage increases suddenly - this may help you find good Setups

This example shows a not-so-obvious setup: on a 1 Hour chart we compare XBTUSD on Bitmex with IOTAETH on Binance.

It can take some time to do the research, but there is so much Opportunity out there and this Tool really helps you finding and automatic your edge.

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