"The Trend is your Friend" is a popular quote and Day-Traders, as well as long-term Investors, build their Strategies on top of this  Mantra.
Leverage this Principle by using AutoTrendTrader to ride the Trend and let your Profits run!
Get Email-Alerts with your customized buy and sell signals, or use autoview to trigger and exit the trades.
This package is the Result of a Collaboration with Jonah Johar, the Owner of
  • Reliable Detection of Up- and Downtrends - this will enable you to enter strong Trends at the right time
  • Partial Profit Taking - Configure your perfect Mix of taking profits early vs. letting profits run
  • Reversing Signals - Limit your Draw-Down
  • Proprietary Algorithms combined with multiple Confirmations via other Technical Indicators
What's included:

This strategy is a dynamic trend following strategy which uses our proprietary indicators to keep you on the correct side of the market. It can be utilized on any instrument, on any time frame as the indicators will automatically adapt to the market environment. 

Ideally, it is best utilized with a filter of 0.25% or 1/4 ATR , but this should be adjusted based on your selected time frame.

The strategy ensures that your draw-down will be minimal, as it reverses signals, and dynamically adapts to changes in market trends.

It is designed using a combination of strength of market parameters along with oversold/overbought conditions prevailing in the market. As you will notice from the attached examples/images, you will not find yourself on the wrong side of the market. The trend is your friend, and this strategy maximizes your profit potential while minimizing your risk. It is best suited to follow the signals, BUY when a Buy signal is generated and SELL when a Sell signal is generated. Partial profit booking is advised but the level and magnitude will have to be determined based on the risk profile of each individual user.  


The strategy generates signals based on the strength of the trend - both uptrends and downtrends - and signals are generated as the instrument reaches our proprietary threshold without violating our overbought/oversold levels. Various conditions have to be met before a signal is generated, and together these parameters enable a BUY or SELL signal to have the maximum potential to generate profitable trades, while limiting your risk.

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