Trendline-Breaks on th 4H S&P E-mini Futures

I applied my new Strategy TD Lines to a lot of different Assets. It was implemented with Cryptocurrencies and Automation in Mind, but I found out that there are very reliable Signals being generated on longer Timeframes for all kind of Assets.

In this Example I had exceptionally good results with the S&P E-mini Futures on a 4 Hour Timeframe.

To the right you can see the Properties that were used:

The Strategy is configured to use

  • TD Points Level 3
  • R:R of 1:5 for Stop Loss and Take Profit
  • No Trailing-Stops
  • No RSI Filter

These very basic Settings provide Results, that seem to be too good to be true - but there are no Fakes and no Repainting - this Trendline-Stuff is very powerfull.

Of Course - the Drawdown of 30% is much too high, but a Net-Profit of more than 320% is just amazing ...