Short video introduction on UniDivergence

I recently made a short video (approx. 10 minutes) to show some of the features of my UniDivergence indicator package to give you an impression on strategy development with this toolkit.

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Create alerts with multiple conditions

TradingView has a nice feature to add alerts based on some conditions. You could setup an alert, whenever price reaches a certain level or when price crosses an indicator that is available on the current chart.
You get an email alert or a pop-up notification each time certain market conditions are met, so you can check the chart and decide to take a trader or not.
Maybe you want to get notified if price is above a moving average, so you can check the chart and see if there is potential that price will move back.
But usually buy and sell signals are more complex and combine multiple conditions. If your strategy looks like this: "create a buy signal if price is below the moving average and RSI is below 30", you could setup two alerts - one for the moving average and one for RSI. If both alerts are triggered at almost the same time, you could decide to take the trade. But you would always need to monitor your alert messages and check if there are related conditions that will make up your buy/ sell signal in combination. This can become very confusing, especially if you consider to add more conditions to your strategy. Sadly currently there is no out-of-the-box option to create one alert that combines multiple conditions. But luckily you can solve the problem with very few lines of PineScript code.


Just open the Pine editor with a blank indicator script and insert the following script:
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Gold: potential trend reversal

XAUUSD 1H shorting opportunity/ lot of divergences by stefcom on

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TradingClue - dedicated services for the TradingView platform

The recently founded startup company released a new TradingView indicator package called "UniDivergence".
Divergences are a popular indicators to predict trend reversals. The package contains everything to build a strategy that is based on identifying divergences.
New and experienced traders will receive a complete toolkit to build a successful strategy with an edge that fits to their personal trading style and preferences.
To improve robustness of the strategy, features are included to support backtesting and walk forward analysis. focuses on TradingView and provides consulting and programming services all around the platform.
The company was founded by Stefan Krecher, who is a 44 years old Software Engineer and Trader from Germany.


For more information go to or contact Stefan at